We are committed to making the urban spaces we live, work and play in more human-centred, engaging and resilient.

We are an interdisciplinary research-based design practice of urbanists, psychologists, engineers, and designers.


How we do it

We help design better urban spaces through:


We study the relationship between human behaviour and urban environments, to help create urban spaces that better align with the human condition. 

We study the impact of the work environment on human behaviour, applying behavioural science in the design of workspaces to improve performance and user experience.

We explore the facets of the urban experience that create intangible feelings of excitement, security and delight through design and creative inquiry.

We design thoughtful and engaging identity and branding, print, environmental graphics and infographics.

Meet the team

We are an eclectic mix of skills and experience, with a common interest in the exploration, design and visual expression of urban space.


Curious, observant, and passionate about all things urban and behavioural.

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Tai 3.jpg

Evidence based thinker and explorer of the line between art and science. 

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A passion for pictures, words, pictures of words, and triangles.

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Passionate about all things workspace and workplace.

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Our friends

We collaborate with some truly amazing people.

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